Sunday, November 7, 2010

a thing called love

so, ive found myself head over heals in love with you. even when it feel like we are falling out of love, we are falling more in love. i never knew i could trust someone so much, i never knew that someone could make me so entirely happy. You are the reason i smile, and i know it sounds cheesy and super lame, but i really do feel this way for you.All the little things you do remind me of why i love you, like how you love to put your nose in the crease of my neck, and how you think i cant see you watching me. i cant wait to have a family and be married to you, then my life will truly be complete. i cant imagine me without you. thank you for putting up with all my shit and believing in me when no one else did. thank you for never letting me go and fighting for me when i just want to be left alone. thank you for breaking down my walls and ensuring me that everything is going to be ok, because without you, it wouldn't be. The reality is, even when im not trying, i catch myself thinking of you, thinking about your smile and laugh. please promise me that you will never let me go? please promise that we will share this bond forever?

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