Saturday, November 20, 2010

Your lame friends,

so i get it. they don't like me. i get that they think its funny to say lame things about me and joke on my personal pages. i get that. i get that they are jealous and haven't taken the time to get to know me. i get that. but what i don't get is how you have put a stop to them? they are your 'friends'. It would be nice if you put your pride aside and protected me. you seem to protect them when i have something to say about them? so why cant you do the same for. me. Is it because you are afraid that they will start being dicks to you too? or maybe its because you don' t want to fight with them. well how about, you stick up for me and realise, they are not friends! why do you waste your time trying to impress them and never be off side with them? lets see if you can, for once, see my point of view and care enough to do something about it.