Monday, November 22, 2010

i hate what we have become.

now when we see each other. all we have to talk about is someone else. it never used to be like that. its almost like we have to bitch about someone else to make the conversation less awkward. i hate what we have become. i cant even start conversation without it dieing instantly. i what we have become. what happened to friends forever? what ever happened to no matter what we will never part? well. we have and i hate it. i want how we were back, i want how we used to feel about each other back. i want you back. i miss what we used to be. do you remember when people would compare us like we were twins? do you remember when we could laugh for hours about nothing. its all gone now. all we have left is a pitty smile when we walk past each other at school. i hate what we have become.

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